CMSC 298G Introduction to Embedded Visual Basic Programming for the PocketPC


The class is meant to introduce students to the issues involved in programming applications with graphical user interfaces. We will specifically be looking at Embedded Visual Basic, a tool for developing programs for the PocketPC platform. These skills will transfer to writing Visual Basic applications in general, and should also provide a good foundation for going on to program in other development environments for GUIs.

Note: This is a two-credit course that can only be taken Pass/Fail and does not count towards CMSC requirements - only general graduation credit requirements. The motivation for creating Winterterm courses such as this is to explore relatively short topics that often do not get covered or are covered as a small piece of a larger course that you might not take until much later in your academic career. If you have already taken a course such as CMSC427 or CMSC434, you will probably not enjoy the pace of the class. However, since I do anticipate students of various experience above the CMSC214 level, I will attempt to allow the course to be as flexable as possible to allow each participant to expand their knowledge, without overwhelming (or underwhelming) individual students.

Over the course of the two and a half week Winterterm session, a series of example applications will be introduced in class, assigned as lab projects and homework projects. Some examples are:
  • a reflex test
  • a "life calculator"
  • an alarm clock
  • virtual dice
  • a "magic 8-ball"

    Since this is the first time we are offering this course, there are project ideas that I have which I am not sure will fit in well, but we might explore, such as:
  • checkers
  • IR pong
  • "Simon"

    There will also be a end-term project that will be built by each student as they learn the needed components. On the first day of class, students will be asked to discuss ideas for these projects - it is my hope that each student will come to class with some ideas about a PocketPC application that they would like to create. I will also have some project application ideas. It is my hope that we will have some fun applications to post on the Web for people to download and use/play with.

    Class lecture and lab time will be in the NT lab in 3452 AVW. These machines have Embedded Visual Basic as well as PocketPC emulators. Any student who would like a copy of Embedded Visual Basic and the emulator will be given one. There will be an actual PocketPC device available for testing as well since there are some layout and speed issues that will be demonstrated between the emulator and actual device.

    The following is a brief and tentative outline of topics:
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