CMSC 298R Computer Topics Reading Group


Wednesday 11:00am-12:30pm
Prerequisites: CMSC 214 and CMSC 250

The class is meant to serve as a guided exploration of topics in Computer Science. Each week there will be readings (eg: Web pages, journal articles, book chapters) which we will all read and then discuss as a group. Between weekly meetings, you will be asked to explore on your own to find readings to share with the participants in the class. By the end of the semester, the hope is that all members of the group will have been introduced to some interesting new areas in Computer Science, as well as some resources that will be of use in exploring the field outside the classroom. We will also watch several CS-oriented films and discuss the technical and ethical issues they raise.

Note: This is a two-credit course that can only be taken Pass/Fail and does not count towards CMSC requirements - only general graduation credit requirements.

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