CMSC 131/131A Survey

Dear CMSCS131/131A student,

The CMSC department would like to learn more about you, and why you are interested in taking CMSC131/131A. We are conducting a short survey to collect information about you, your interests and prior experiences in the programming and computing. We appreciate the time you take to complete this.

The reason we are collecting this information is to better understand the class demographics and which factors might impact student performance in CMSC131. Collecting such data is critical to our efforts aimed at improving this course in this and future semesters. This part of regular assessment and improvement of CMSC courses, and the support we give students. All the data we collect will be anonymous, not viewable by your instructor.

This first link is to a short survey about you and your experiences. Please take this first.

CMSC131/131A Experience Survey

This second link is to a set of logical puzzlers. Do not worry if you do not know the answer or if you think your answer may be wrong, the correctness will not be graded, just your participation. These puzzlers do not require any programming experience, just a general approach to solving problems.

CMSC131/131A Puzzlers

We urge you to complete this as the data is important for assessment. As an extra incentive, two students who complete both parts of the survey will be picked at random for $25 gift certificates to a local restaurant. Again, thanks for your help.