military intelligence
amicable divorce
painless denistry
safe sex
working vacation
jumbo shrimp
jumbo wienies
even odds
civil war
amtrak schedule
airplane schedule
original copy
political promise
almost totally
local network
legal brief
pretty ugly
free prisoner
normal adolescent
near miss 
stop action
adult male
slumber party
minor repairs
velvetta cheese
black light
express mail
casual sex
soft rock
friendly terrorist
friendly fire
honest thief
limited nuclear war
light heavyweight
free love
poor republican
rap music
married life
missing link
peacemaker missle
government worker
airline food
genuine imitation
dealer contribution
holy war
dead right
distinct possibility
sight unseen
old news
congressional action
perfectly awful
united methodist
healthy cough
paritally destroyed
negative growth
nonworking mother
well preserved ruin
fresh frozen
random order
moral majority
broadcast journalism
found missing
boneless ribs
benevolent dictator
bigger half 
free with purchase
sanitary landfill
clean dirt
terrific headache
cold as hell
natural make-up
death benefit
immediate delivery
easy terms
scenic highways
impartial opinion
flat slope
crash landing
Reverend Jimmy Swaggart
Reverend Jim Baker
gourmet popcorn
natural disaster
slightly pregnant
negative networth
life insurance
impulsive planner
natural-looking toupee

(There is a BOOK of oxymorons called
``Jumbo Shrimp and other perfect oxymorons''
by Warren Blumfeld from Geogia State Univesity.
Later book called  `Pretty Ugly'.  I got THESE
oxymorons from an article by Mike Harden)