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Funny Songs From You Tube

Howard's song for Bernadette-TBBT

Bohemian Rhapsody Parody-Moms

Please Use This Song-Jon Lajoie

Word Crimes-WA

Big Bang- Mod Maj Gen

Tony Award Hamiltonian Satire

Merkel (Hamiltonian Satire)

2016 in review to tune of Hamiltonian

Dating Service Satire

Dating Service for people who work in dating commercials

Carrot Jucie Constutites Murder

Classical Rap

Milenials Musical

Math and CS songs

William Rowan Hamilton

Asympotically I'm fine

Thats Mathematics

Bohemian Gravity

Bohemian Calculus

I Integrate by parts

Write in C

Bill Gasarch 2017-06-26