CMSC 311-101 (Fall 1995)

Professor:                       TA:                       

Dr. Jeff Hollingsworth           Shekhar Patankar          
4161 AV Williams                 1109 A V Williams         
(40) 5-2708                                                   
Office Hours:                    Office Hours:             
    Tu 1:00-2:30                   M 11:30-13:30
    W  10:00-11:00                 W 11:30-13:30 

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You are expected to check the class web page on a regular basis (at least weekly).

Catalog Description:

Introduction to assembly language. Design of digital logic circuits. Organization of central processors, including instruction sets, register transfer operations, control, microprogramming data representation, and arithmetic algorithms. Memory and input/output organization.


An in-depth understanding of how a stored-program computer works and how it executes a machine-specific language. An understanding of the design tradeoffs faced by computer architects and engineers.

Prerequisites: CMSC 113

Topics Covered:

Required Course Text:

Computer System Architecture, (Third Edition), M. Morris Mano, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1993.

Computer Organization and Design the Hardware/Software Interface, D.Patterson and J. Hennessy, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, 1994. (recommended)


Final Exam              40%     

Midterms (2)            30%     

Programming             15%     
Assignments (1)                 

Homework (7)            15%     


Midterm #1 - October 12 (in class)                                   

Midterm #2 - November 9 (In class)                                   

Final - Fri. December 15 (8:00-10:00)                                

Late Policy:

Homework and programming assignments must be turned in when due. Late work will only be accepted in the case of serious illness or family crisis (i.e., death in the family).