CMSC412 - Project #0


  • Programming Assignment
  • Running GeekOS
  • Submitting your code

    The submit program is in ~hollings/bin/submit on the class Linux cluster. You should do your submit as follows:

    cd ~/prog0
    gmake clean
    cd ..
    tar cvf prog0.tar prog0
    gzip prog0.tar
    ~hollings/bin/submit 0 prog0.tar.gz

    The program 0 tyar file used to produce a proj0 directory, if you got this version (before 11:00 AM on Thu 1/30/03), simply run

    mv proj0 prog0

    It is important to cleanup .o's before submitting and to make sure you submit a tar file that contains prog0 as the directory it creates.

    Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

  • Bochs Files and GeeksOS kernel
  • prog0.tar.gz
  • Updated .bochsrc
  • fonts (These need to be on your glue/wam account if your are logging in remotely)
  • There is info about running the development environment on Windows availalbe on the GeekOS web site. For the purposes of this class, this is an unsopported configuration. The professors and TAs do not have the time to help students getting this environment to run.