CMSC412 - Project #2


  • Programming Assingment
  • Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

  • Updated & Additional Kernel files
  • spawn.excerpt.c
  • user.excerpt.c (3/7/03)
  • floppy.c
  • timer.c
  • timer.h
  • Additional Files for libuser.a (update your Makefile)
  • print.c
  • atoi.c
  • libuser.excerpt.c
  • User Mode Programs (update your Makefile)
  • workload.c Sample workload driver
  • ping.c Sample user program that uses semaphores
  • pong.c Sample user program that uses semaphores
  • long.c A CPU hog program
  • Your project submission must be a gzip'd tar file containing all of the files needed to build and run your program (including a .bochsrc file), but not any extranous files such as binaries or backup files.

    When changing your code to use argc and argv, you need to subtract 4096 from the value you push on the stack as the initial value of esp (when you setup the interrupt as part of process create). If you are using the sample solution for p1, this code is already included.