CMSC412 - Project #4


  • Programming Assingment
  • Header, Source, Object, and Sample Data Files

  • Additional Files for GeeksOS kernel
  • bitset.c (updated 4/25/03)
  • bitset.h
  • vfs.h
  • synch.h
  • synch.c
  • vfs.c (updated 4/25/03)
  • fileio.h
  • gosfs.h
  • syscall_excerpt.c (New 4/18/03)
  • ide.c (New 4/24/03)
  • User Mode Programs
  • libUser_excerpt.c (New 4/18/03)
  • p4a.c tests interface to FPAT files.
  • format.c formats a drive with GOSFS
  • mount.c mount filesystem onto a location
  • ls.c lists files in a given directory
  • mkdir.c create a new firectory
  • cp.c copy a file from one directory to another
  • All code for the Geek OS fileystem must be in the file gosfs.c

    The new ide.c file fixes a problem with detecting the second drive on un-patched versions of bochs.

    We have provided a file that will cause traps on kernel stack overflow. However, the errors reported are not graceful. The README file exlains why.