CMSC 412

Project 5: Sample Kernel

To provide a way to test your shell while you are still working on your kernel, we have provided a sample version of the kernel for project #5. For obvious reasons, it is available in binary format (.exe) only! To use this kernel to test user space processes, you also need to link your applications with the supplied klib.obj. Also, you may want to use our klib.h to compile your test programs (in fact, you are welcome to use this version of klib.h for your project).

WARNING: This kernel is provided for your convenience only. It is thought to be a bug free version of the kernel for project5, but we make no guarantees.

Here are the files (you will probably want to put them in a separate directory from your version of project 5):

kernel.exe: The compiled kernel

klib.obj: The kernel entry routines to link with your program

klib.h: The prototypes for the kernel entry routines.