CMSC 417 Midterm #2 (Fall 1999)


1.)                 (15 points) Define the following terms

a)                   baud

b)                   LEO

c)                   CSMA/CD

d)                   HIPPI

2.)                  (20 Points) What is the maximum possible data rate over a 4Khz pass-band channel with 40 dB signal to noise ratio and using binary encoding?

3.)                  (15 points) Ethernet uses a fixed bit pattern for encoding the start of frame marker.  Does this mean that you need to bit (or byte) stuff the data in an Ethernet frame?  Explain your answer.

4.)                  (10 points) Draw the Manchester encoding of the string 011100.

5.)                 (20 points) Give an example illustrating how you can Inter-network (gateway) traffic at each of the following layers: physical, link, network, and application.

6.)                  (20 points) Explain what a three-way handshake is and why it is used to establish connections.