Instructions for setting up Tau/Ceti (CMSC 714)

1. Login

You can login to with your class account (cs714xx). The remaining steps differ depending on whether you are in a software engineering study.

2. If you are participating in the study (do once)

Your environment (paths) will be automatically set up with the following steps. Please do not modify it. If you have any questions, please contact

  1. You should have already created an account for the study system in the previous assignment. If you have, go to the next step. Otherwise, visit this page and click "enroll HERE". Enter your name, class ID "CMSC714F06", email address, and account name of your choice. You will receive email containing the login password and a "Hackystat key", which you need in the next step.
  2. Login to tau, and run the following command
    % /user/nakamura/umdinst/bin/instrument {hackystat_key}
    where {hackystat_key} is your Haskystat key. It may take a few minutes until the setup process is completed.
  3. Log out, and log in again. (If you see an error message when your log out for the first time, that's normal.)

2'. If you are not participating in the study (do once)

You need to manually set up your environment. Make sure you have /opt/SUNWhpc/bin and /opt/SUNWspro/bin in your path.

3. Basic usage

To compile a program

> mpf90 -O3 -xopenmp=parallel -o swim swim.f

To run a program

> setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS 2
> ./swim <