CMSC 818Z (Fall 1996)

Reading List

9/17 Expressing Parallelism (implicit)

  • "Commutativity Analysis: A New Framework for Parallelizing Compilers", (Postscript)
  • 9/19 Expressing Parallelism (explicit)

  • "The PVM Concurrent Computing System: Evolution, Experiences, and Trends", (Postscript)
  • 9/19 Expressing Parallelism (mixed)

  • "Compiling HPF for Distributed Memory MIMD Computers", (Postscript)
  • 10/22 Correctness Debuggers

  • Bates, P.C., "Debugging Heterogeneous Distributed Systems Using Event-Based Models of Behavior", TOCS 13(1), Feb 1995.
  • Redell, D. D., "Experience with Topaz", Proc. of the SIGPLAN/SIGOPS Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Debugging, Madison, WI, May 1988, pp. 35-44 (Appears as SIGPLAN Notices 24(1), January 1989).
  • 10/24 Race Detection

  • Netzer, R. H. B. and Miller, B.P., "What are Race Conditions? Some Issues and Fomalizations", LOPLAS 1(1), March 1992.
  • D. Perkovic and P. Keleher "Online Data-Race Detection via Coherency Guarantees", (to appear) Second Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation. (Postscript)
  • 10/29 Distributed Shared Memory

  • K. Li and P. Hudak, "Memory Coherence in Shared Virtual Memory Systems", ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 7(4), Nov. 1989, pp. 321-359.
  • Pete Keleher, Alan L. Cox, Sandhya Dwarkadas, Willy Zwaenepoel, "An Evaluation of Software Based Release Consistent Protocols", JPDC, 29(2), Sept. 1995, pp 126-141. (Postscript)
  • 10/31 Scheduling

  • John K Ousterhout, "Scheduling Techniques for Concurrent Systems", International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 1982, pp 22-30.
  • A. C. Dusseau, R. H. Arpaci, D. E. Culler, "Effective Distributed Scheduling of Parallel Workloads", ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems, May 1996, Philadelphia, PA. (Postscript)
  • 11/5 Midterm Exam

    11/7 Message Passing and Communication (Hseomsang Eom)

  • T. von Eicken, D. E. Culler, S. C. Goldstein, and K. E. Schauser, "Active Messages: a Mechanism for Integrated Communication and Computation", Proceedings of the 19th Int'l Symp. on Computer Architecture, May 1992, Gold Coast, Australia. (Postscript)
  • S. L. Scott, "Synchronization and Communication in the T3E Multiprocessor", Proc. ASPLOS VII, Cambridge, MA, Oct. 1996 (Postscript)
  • 11/12 Performance Metrics (Krishnamoorthy Subramaniam)

  • A. J. Goldberg and J. L. Hennessy, "Performance Debugging Shared Memory Multiprocessor Programs with MTOOL", Supercomputing'91. Nov. 18-22, 1991, Albuquerque, NM, pp. 481-490.
  • J. K. Hollingsworth, "An Online Computation of Critical Path Profiling", SPDT'96: SIGMETRICS Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Tools. May 22-23, 1996, Philadelphia, PA, pp. 11-20. (Postscript)
  • 11/14 Work In Progress Reports for Class Projects

    11/19 No Class

    11/21 Data Collection and Instrumentation (Janaki Goteti)

  • J. R. Larus and E. Schnarr, "EEL: Machine-Independent Executable Editing", In Proceedings of the 1995 SIGPLAN Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, pages 291-300, June 1995. (Postscript)
  • J. K. Hollingsworth, B. P. Miller, and J. Cargille, "Dynamic Program Instrumentation for Scalable Performance Tools", 1994 Scalable High-Performance Computing Conf., Knoxville, Tenn., pp. 841-850. (Postscript)
  • 11/26 Performance Tools (Suman Banerjaee)

  • D. A. Reed, R. A. Aydt, R. J. Noe, P. C. Roth, K. A. Shields, B. W. Schwartz, and L. F. Tavera, Scalable Performance Analysis: The Pablo Performance Analysis Environment, in Scalable Parallel Libraries Conference, A. Skjellum, Editor. 1993, IEEE Computer Society.
  • B. P. Miller, M. D. Callaghan, J. M. Cargille, J. K. Hollingsworth, R. B. Irvin, K. L. Karavanic, K. Kunchithapadam, and T. Newhall, "The Paradyn Parallel Performance Measurement Tools", IEEE Computer, Nov. 1995. 28(11), pp. 37-46. (Postscript)
  • 11/28 No Class (Thanksgiving)

    12/3 Performance Prediction

  • V. Balasundaram, G. Fox, K. Kennedy, U. Kremer, "A Static Performance Estimator to Guide Data Partitioning Decisions", Proceedings of PPoPP 91, 1991, p 213-223.
  • M. E. Crovella, Thomas J. LeBlanc, "Parallel Performance Prediction Using Lost Cycles", Proceedings of Supercomputing '94, 1994. (Postscript)
  • 12/5 Parallel I/O (Mike Beynon)

  • P. F. Corbett, D. G. Feitelson, "The VESTA Parallel File System", ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 14(3), August 1996, pp. 225-264.
  • M. D. Dahlin, J. M. Neefe, D. A. Patterson, D. S. Roselli, R.Y. Wang , "Serverless Network File Systems. T. E. Anderson", 1995 Symposium on Operating Systems Principals, pp. 109-126. (Postscript)
  • 12/10 Project Presentations

    12/12 Project Presentations