Hossam S. Sharara, Ph.D.

Computer Science Department,

University of Maryland, College Park

In a Nutshell...

My name is Hossam Sharara, a PhD graduate from the Computer Science Dept. at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am mainly interested in machine learning, data mining and relational learning, in the theory behind and various applications.

My primary research interests are in machine learning and data mining in relational domains. My dissertation focuses on reasoning in dynamic, multi-modal, multi-relational networks. During the course of my doctoral research, I have investigated a number of aspects related to complex information networks, including network evolution, multi-relational clustering, characterizing interactions among multiple entity types, and their effect on information diffusion and influence analysis in multi-modal settings (Please check my list of publications for further details). My advisor is Prof. Lise Getoor, and I belong to the LINQS research group at the University of Maryland.

I am originally from Egypt and I hold two M.sc. degrees in Data mining techniques in Computer Science from both the University of Maryland, College Park and Alexandria University, Egypt.
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  • (May 10th, 2012) - Invited talk at LivingSocial on Adoption and Influence in Complex Social Networks. Thanks Elena Zheleva for the invitation.
  • (May 3rd, 2012) - My dissertation defense (The Dynamics of Multi-Modal Networks)
  • (Nov 1st, 2011)   - I am currently on the job market. My application materials can be found here
  • (Oct 31st, 2011)  - Invited to be on the program committee for ICWSM 2012.
  • (Oct 25th, 2011) - Presenting G-Pare at VAST 2011.
  • (Oct 14th, 2011) - Presenting our adaptive diffusion model for viral marketing at Complexity in Business Conference (CCB), 2011.