Welcome to My Homepage

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Harvard University (Theory of Computation group). Prior to that I did my Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at University of Maryland, where I was glad to have Prof. Mohammad T. HajiAghayi as my advisor. I finished my undergraduate studies in computer engineering at Sharif University of Technology.

Program Committees

Honors and Awards

  • Google PhD Fellowship in Market Algorithms, 2016-2018,

  • Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship, University of Maryland, 2015-2016.

  • World Quantitative and Science Scholarship, 2014-2015.

  • Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Award, University of Maryland, 2013-2014.

  • UPE Award [First to solve Problem J], ACM-ICPC International Programming Contest 2013, Russia.

  • 27th among 9800 teams, ACM-ICPC International Programming Contest 2013, Russia.

  • 1st team in ACM-ICPC Mid-Atlantic regional contest 2012, USA.

  • Dean’s Fellowships, University of Maryland at College Park, 2012-2014.

  • 4th rank in National Graduate Entrance Exam in Computer Science, Iran, 2011.

  • Awarded as Valedictorian by Sharif University of technology president, 2009.

  • Gold Medal in the Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics, Tehran, Iran, 2007.

  • Recipient of the Grant for Undergraduate Studies from the Iranian National Elite Foundation, 2008-2012.

Research and Publicatins

  • Abolhassani, Ehsani, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Kleinberg, Lucier, Beating 1-1/e for Ordered Prophets, STOC 2017.

  • Abolhassani, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Lucier, Yami, Market Pricing for Data Streams, AAAI 2017.

  • Bateni, Esfandiari, Mirrokni, Seddighin , A Study of Compact Reserve Pricing Languages, AAAI 2017.

  • Esfandiari, Korula, Mirrokni, Bi-Objective Online Matching and Submodular Allocations, NIPS 2016.

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Monemizadeh, Finding Large Matchings in Semi-Streaming, ICDM 2016 (workshops).

  • Abolhassani, Chan, Chen, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Mahini, Wu, Beating Ratio 0.5 for Weighted Oblivious Matching Problems, ESA 2016.

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Woodruff, Applications of Uniform Sampling: Densest Subgraph and Beyond, SPAA 2016.

  • Chitnis, Cormode, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, McGregor, Monemizadeh, Vorotnikova , Kernelization via Sampling with Applications to Dynamic Graph Streams, SODA 2016.

  • Esfandiari, Kortsarz, A Bounded-Risk Mechanism for the Kidney Exchange Game, LATIN 2016 (DAM).

  • Esfandiari, Korula, Mirrokni, Online Stochastic Budgeted Allocation with Traffic Spikes, EC 2015 (Special Issue of TEAC).

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, liaghat, Monemizadeh, Onak, Streaming Algorithms for Estimating the Matching Size in Planar Graphs and Beyond, SODA 2015.

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Liaghat, Monemizadeh, Prophet Secretary, ESA 2015 (SIDMA) .

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Koenemann, Mahini, Malec, Sanita, Scheduling with Chain-like Precedence Constraints, ESA 2015.

  • Chitnis, Cormode, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Monemizadeh, New Streaming Algorithms for Parameterized Maximal Matching and Beyond, SPAA 2015.

  • Esfandiari, Kortsarz, New Mechanisms for Pairwise Kidney Exchange, SAGT 2015.

  • Abolhassani, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Mahini, Malec, Srinivasan, Selling Tomorrow's Bargains Today, AAMAS 2015.

  • Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Khani, Liaghat, Mahini, Racke, Stochastic Online Buffer Scheduling, ICALP 2014.

  • Chitnis, Esfandiari, Hajiaghayi, Khandekar, Kortsarz, Seddighin, A Tight Algorithm for Strongly Connected Steiner Subgraph On Two Terminals With Demands, IPEC 2014 (Algorithmica).

    Undergraduate Work:

  • Salehi, Esfandiari, Shirdareh Haghighi, Magnant, Second Hamiltonian cycles in claw-free graphs, Theory and Applications of Graphs, 2015.

  • Akbari, Esfandiari, Barzegari, Sedighin, A Lower Bound for the Signed Edge Domination Number of a Graph, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, 2014.

  • Salehi Nobandegani, Esfandiari, Shirdareh Haghighi, Bibak, On the Erdős–Gyárfás conjecture in claw-free graphs, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, 2014 (Among the most downloaded papers of the Journal).