CMSC 818I: Recent Topics in Operating Systems Research

Spring 2003: Final Examination
Posted: May 22, 2003, 12:00 PM

For the final exam you will have to write an essay using as a starting point a conference in operating systems held three years ago, namely SOSP'99. The essay has to contain four parts:

Most of the papers (about 17) are available online at The set of papers for this essay is limited to the papers that are available from the given URL (papers with broken links are discarded). The essay cannot exceed 8 pages and must be submitted electronically as a pdf file to no later than Friday, May 23, 11:59 AM. The examination is take home but strictly individual. Collaboration and discussions of any kind related to this exam and essay are not permitted until the deadline expires regardless of when your essay was submitted.

Good Luck!