ASPLOS'09 Local Information

March 9 - Beers Night

Beers night will be Monday, March 9 at Regional Food and Drink Washington. RFD Washington is Washington's Largest Multi-Tap, and serves over 300 different beers.

We've informally reserved RFD Washington's back room on Monday night for ASPLOS attendees. When you arrive at RFD Washington, just tell the hostess you're with ASPLOS to be directed to the room.

RFD also serves food, featuring "Cuisine a la Biere," for those who want the complete beer experience.

RFD Washington
810 7th St NW

Walking Directions from the hotel (computed by Google) (0.7 mi)

Text directions: Exit the hotel, heading south on 14th St. Turn left immediately to go east on K Street. Continue on K until it hits 9th Street at Mt Vernon Square. From there, you can either (1) continue east through Mt Vernon Square to get to 7th and turn right to head south on 7th Street; (2) keep following K as it jogs around Mt Vernon square, and then turn right to head south on 7th Street; or (3) turn right heading south on 9th, turn left to head east on I Street, and then turn right to head south on 7th Street.

March 10 - International Spy Museum

The conference banquet will be held on Monday, March 10 at the International Spy Museum.

Walking directions from the hotel (computed by Google) (0.9 mi)

Text directions: Exit the hotel and turn left to head south on 14th Street. Continue until you get to F Street. Turn left, heading east on F Street until you get to the Museum. (You can also follow the same route to RFD Washington, above, except when you get to Mt Vernon Square, turn right at head south on 9th Street until you get to F Street, and then turn left onto F Street.)

Getting Around DC

The Washington Metro is a convenient subway system with stops all over DC. The station nearest to the hotel is McPherson Square (1400 I St NW, 0.2 mi). Metro stations are well-marked with brown, square columns with a big M at the top.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, which operates the metro, also runs an extensive bus system in and around DC.

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