CMSC 414 - Computer and Network Security

Fall 2003

Course Outline

This course is an introduction to the broad field of information security. We will cover both computer security (including such topics as security policies, access control, viruses, etc.) and network security (such as protocols for maintaining confidentiality of email or for secure web transactions). Note that there is not always a clear dividing line between the two areas.

The course material will be developed throughout the semester, based in part on the interests of the students. A syllabus for the course will be updated as the semester progresses.

General Information


Instructor: Jonathan Katz (jkatz@cs). Office: 3225 A.V. Williams Building. Office hours: Thursday 11-12, or by appointment
Teaching Assistants: Taowei (David) Wang (tw7@cs) and Adel Youssef (adel@cs).
Office hours (in TA room, 1112 A.V. Williams):


Syllabus (updated throughout the semester)

Handouts and Homeworks

Programming resources/tutorials:

Links to related sites, news articles, etc.