Textbooks and Suggested Readings:

The main reference for the course is Stinson: Cryptography: Theory and Practice (2nd edition). However, some topics covered in class do not appear in the book. Furthermore, it is always helpful to see more than one approach to a particular subject. Other useful textbooks and general references include: An exciting (non-technical) overview of cryptography is the well-known book by Kahn: The Codebreakers. Some excellent references for computational number theory and applied algebra include: Finally, this list contains papers mentioned in class, often going into more detail or dealing with more advanced material than what was covered in class.
(Note: The year in brackets refers to the first year the result was published, while the reference itself is to the final (journal) version of the paper. For example, the result in [GGM84] was first published in 1984, but the journal version did not appear until 1986.)