Books, manuscripts, and lecture notes available on-line

  • M. Bellare and P. Rogaway: Lecture Notes for an undergraduate/graduate course at UCSD.
  • O. Goldreich: Foundations of Cryptography. An excellent, but advanced, overview of cryptography. Volume 2 (covering encryption, digital signatures, and multi-party computation) is currently available on-line.
  • S. Goldwasser and M. Bellare: Lecture Notes on Cryptography. Definitions and theoretical foundations of cryptgraphy. Somewhat outdated, but very thorough.
  • A.J. Menezes, P.C. van Ooorschot, and S.A. Vanstone: Handbook of Applied Cryptography. More of a reference than a textbook, and takes more of an informal approach.
  • V. Shoup: A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra. This is one of the best references available for someone interested in cryptographic applications of number theory and algebra.
  • D. Angluin: Lecture Notes on the Complexity of Some Problems in Number Theory. Outdated but still good. Available for download (ps | pdf).
  • J. Katz: Lecture Notes for undergraduate crypto. Not yet complete, and a bit unpolished, but may be helpful background reading for some of the topics we will cover.
  • Various lecture notes on cryptography:

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