CMSC 414 - Computer and Network Security

Spring 2012

Course Outline

This course is an introduction to the broad field of computer, network, and information security. We will cover both computer security (including such topics as security policies, access control, viruses, etc.) and network security (such as protocols for maintaining confidentiality of email or for secure web transactions), along with some relevant background in basic cryptography.

The course will be similar, though not identical, to the version of the course I taught previously.

This semester I am teaching two sections of this class. The homeworks/projects will be identical, and I will try my best to keep the lectures for the two sections in sync.

General Information



Instructor: Jonathan Katz (jkatz@cs). Office: 3225 A.V. Williams Building. Office hours: By appointment.
Teaching Assistants:

Syllabus, lecture slides, and readings (updated throughout the semester)