Submission instructions -- Part 1

Your submission should be a tarball containing You can submit via email or through grace (email preferred):
  1. Grace: Create an archive by running the command gtar czvf hw2.tar.gz hw2 from the directory containing hw2 (which, in turn, contains all the files listed above). Then submit the archive using:

            submit 2012 spring cmsc 414 XXX 2 hw2.tar.gz ,

    where XXX is either 0101 or 0201 depending on your section.
    After submitting, you are advised to email the TA assigned to your section to check whether they can see your submission.
  2. Email" Create a hw2.tar.gz archive and email it to the TA. Make sure to email the TA assigned to your section. The subject line should be "CMSC414 HW2 Submission" exactly as written.
Follow the same instructions for Part 2 (but with the deliverables outlines in the project description), though name your tarball hw2b.tar.gz.
1. Do we have to work in a team?
Yes. This project must be done in teams of 2 students. Use Piazza to find a partner.

2. Does the 50-pt automatic credit for Part 2 apply if we determine Alice's PIN by brute-force search (or a lucky guess)?