To students interested in working with me

If you are an undergraduate student not at the University of Maryland, please do not e-mail me asking to be admitted to our graduate program. (If you have read some of my papers and are familiar with my research, however, you may feel free to email me to make sure I look at your application.) Admissions are decided by a committee, and individual faculty members cannot admit students on their own. Everything you need to know about admissions can be found on the information page for prospective graduate students.
I cannot fund students for summer internships unless they are already affiliated with the University of Maryland.
I occasionally have projects available for undergraduate students at the University of Maryland or high-school students who have good programming ability and strong mathematical background or, in rare cases, for students with no programming ability but exceptional mathematical background. Please email me with a list of courses you have taken and something about your interests. To get a sense of what modern cryptography entails, I encourage you to look at my cryptography course available through Coursera, and/or to skim through my textbook. Note that I will not fund high-school students, and will not fund undergraduate students until they have worked with me for a few months first.
I am always seeking motivated PhD students in computer science who are interested in studying cryptography and network security. (To see what types of problems I work on, look at some of my papers.) I also occasionally have suitable projects for Masters students or PhD students in other departments as well. If you are interested in working with me, I strongly recommend that you take a graduate course in cryptography or CMSC 456 (undergraduate cryptography) with me. Alternately, you can take my course on Coursera or read my textbook. Please note that I do not fund students unless I already know them (e.g., from taking a course with me or from working with me a few months first).
Important: If you send me e-mail about working with me, please put the phrase "interested in working with you" in the subject line. Otherwise, your email is likely to be mislabeled as spam and ignored. If you send me a generic email, you can be assured that I will immediately delete it.