CMSC 330, Summer 2008

Organization of Programming Languages


  • July 27: Final grades have been posted. See the forum thread for details.
  • July 23: Final exam review materials have been posted.
  • July 17: The final exam time has tentatively been changed to 9-11AM on Friday, July 25. See the forum thread for details.
  • July 16: Project 5 has been posted.
  • July 13: Public test cases for Project 4 have been posted.
  • July 8: The list of exam review topics and photos of the lengthy type proof from today's class have been posted in examples
  • July 1: Project 4 has been posted.
  • June 30: Wednesday, July 2, has been re-labeled as a lecture on the calendar.
  • June 26: The due date for Project 3 has been extended to July 7.
  • June 24: Project 3 has been posted.
  • June 23: Public test cases for Project 2 have been posted at the top of the project page.
  • June 11: Project 2 has been posted, as well as some ungraded homeworks.
  • June 9: Public test cases for Project 1 have been posted.
  • June 5: New office hours: 9:00-9:30 Tuesday in 2117 CSI (our classroom).
  • June 4: Discussion section examples from class today have been posted. Check back for more as the semester progresses.
  • June 2: Project 1 has been posted.
  • May 29: For the second week of the summer session (June 9-13), the class will meet in EGR 3106 (Glen L. Martin Hall). This is due to a conference being held in the CSIC. The times and schedule will remain the same.
  • May 27: Welcome to 330! If you do not have a Glue/Grace account, you should request one right away.

All exams are at the usual discussion section time and place.
Midterm 1Friday, June 20, 9:30-10:50am, in 2117 CSIC
Midterm 2Friday, July 11, 9:30-10:50am, in 2117 CSIC
Final ExamFriday, July 25, 9:00-11:00am, in 2117 CSIC
Name Office E-mail Office Hours
(or by appointment)
Mike Lam 1112 AVW lam at cs M/Tu/Th 11am - noon (GCal)
Aleks Aris 1112 AVW aris at cs W/F 11am - noon
Office hours chart

Important information

Office Hours As posted, plus available by appointment
Textbooks There are no required or recommended texts. However, there may be recommended readings from several journal and conference papers. See also the resources page for links to useful websites.
Computing Resources OIT Grace UNIX Cluster. Class files, including project code, will be placed in the directory
You may want to create a soft link to this directory from your home directory. Look at the man page (man ln) to find out how to do this.

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