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Project 2 - CMSC 417, Spring 2000 Section 0101

Due: Wednesday February 16, 2000 (before midnight)
In this assignment you will write the server program which will communicate using sockets with the client program in Project 1 (i.e., the previous assignment).
The Protocol
Your server will run on the AITS machines and will listen on a TCP socket bound to a port as described below. Note that you cannot bind to a port below 1024 without being superuser.

Ports are a shared resource, so we need to partition the port space. Given that your class account login id is lg417XY, the ports you can use are 10XYN where N can be 0 to 9. This gives each person 10 ports on each machine. Your project must work with any port, but when you are testing your project you should only use the ports you have been allocated.

The rest of the protocol will be the same as before. The version string to use, for all messages, is PROJ2.

The Server Program
The command line syntax for a minimal server is given below. The sever will take the host name and port as arguments (you can re-use the argument parsing code in the client).
server [-h <hostname>:[<port>]]
The server should output the cookies it generates and the names, addresses for which it generates cookies. It can either output this on the screen or you can log this to a file. Note that, your server should not accept spurious input from the clients. We will test your server with non-conforming clients; the server should immediately close the connection when it finds a bad message from the client.
Be sure to check the Project Notes and the Submission Guidelines listed on the class Web page for other requirements.

We will provide the source code for a conforming client for those who did not get the client to work in the first week. Due to the late turnin policy, this code will be made available after Friday night.

Remember that you will be building on these programs for subsequent stages of the term project, so it is in your own best interest to make them maintainable.

Have fun and good luck!

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