The following is a draft of the Table of Contents for your write-up of the 'RFC' for the term project. You should structure your write-up according to the suggested headings and sub-headings below.

Changes / updates if any will be posted later.

Suman -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Table of Contents

   1. Introduction
   2. The e-CHIMP Specification
     2.1 Overview
     2.2 Messages
       [Basic format of a message goes here, not the interpretation of the fields in the message]
       2.2.1 Message format in 'pseudo' BNF
   3. Message Details
     3.1 Connection Management
       [How a client/server joins the current e-CHIMP network]
       3.1.1 Connection 'Liveness'
         [How to detect and handle a connection that has gone down]
       3.1.2 Establishing a server to client connection
       3.1.3 Establishing a server-server connection
       3.1.4 Terminating server-client connections
       3.1.5 Terminating server-server connections
     3.2 User Management
       [How a user joins and leaves the e-CHIMP network, nicknames etc]
     3.3 Group Operations
       [Management of the user groups -- similar to channel operations of RFC 1459]
     3.4 Server Routing Management
       [The distance vector routing can go in here]
     3.5 Client queries and commands
       [Directory service location protocol messages go here]
     3.6 Sending messages
       [How the e-CHIMP users will exchange the data messages -- for both private messages and group messages]
     3.7 User-based queries [Allows users to query about groups and related information]
     3.8 Miscellaneous messages
       [Include the Ping and Pong messages here and other administrative messages that can be useful]
   4. Implementation Issues