Leilani Battle is joining the Univeristy of Maryland, College Park, as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department, starting August 2018. Currently, she is completing a postdoc in the UW Interactive Data Lab with Jeffrey Heer. Her research interests focus on developing interactive data-intensive systems that can aid analysts in performing complex data exploration and analysis. Her current research is anchored in the field of databases, but utilizes research methodology and techniques from HCI and visualization to integrate data processing (databases) with interactive interfaces (HCI, visualization). She often collaborates with scientists, programmers and data analysts to both design and evaluate new visual exploration and analysis systems. She is also passionate about providing better infrastructure and support for underrepresented groups not only in STEM fields, but at all levels of academia. She is an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipient (2012). She holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT (2017) and a MS in Computer Science from MIT (2013) advised by Michael Stonebraker in the MIT Database Group, and a BS in Computer Engineering from UW (2011).