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The UMD Language Science community offers a wealth of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students interested in language-related research, in Computer Science and throughout campus. Learn how you can become part of the community here.

If you ...

please get in touch, and I'd be happy to discuss research opportunities in my group.

But unfortunately, I cannot respond to the large volume of emails I receive from prospective students. So if you contact me, make sure to tell me why you are interested in working with me, and tell me how your experience relates to the above criteria. I do not respond to generic emails. Also note that I do not have any openings for internships.

If you are a UMD student and want to work with me, take one of my courses!

If you are applying to UMD and want to work with me, make sure to list NLP as your area of interest and list me as your first or second choice professor. I look at the applications closely.

Crafting a good PhD application is tricky and takes more than stellar transcripts. The research statement and recommendation letters are key. Talk to mentors and peers who have experience with the process (specifically in the US if you are an international applicant). There is also excellent advice online, such as this Talking Machines podcast.