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I have highlighted several of my current and past projects here. While not a complete list, these are some of my favorites. The projects fall into two general categories: game development and research. These projects have all been conducted with various teams; I consider myself to be a strong and supportive collaborator on all of them.

Social Fabric Fitness

Group exercise has multiple benefits including greater adherence to fitness regimens, increased enjoyment among participants, and enhanced workout intensity. While a large number of technology tools have emerged to support real-time feedback of individual performance, tools to support group fitness are limited. We present a set of wearable e-textile displays that provides a glanceable, shared screen on the back of the wearer's shirt to increase awareness and motivation of group fitness performance. We discuss parallel prototyping; the selection and refinement of one design; and conduct a field study and two case studies. In Proceedings of ACM CHI 2014 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Tumbleweed Express

Trains with guns on them in the Wild West! Shoot, upgrade, customize, and defeat brutal outlaws and ruthless businessmen! This project features local co-op and support for the Oculus Rift. I am the project manager and lead programmer on this tower defense railshooter mashup currently in-submission to the Independent Games Festival and selected for display at the Music And Games Festival; developed by a talented team working in Unity3D! Expected release for PC, Mac, and Linux: February 2015

Project Website:
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The CTArcade is an educational game platform designed and built by Tak Yeon Lee with Matthew Louis Mauriello, Prof. June Ahn and Prof. Ben Bederson. The primary motivation behind it is that children can learn computational thinking skills while training AI game bots.

Project Website:


EventFlow is an amazing visual analysis tool made for temporal event sequences. I have recently begun working with the team behind the tool, lead by Dr. Ben Shneiderman and Dr. Catherine Plaisant, on a user-experience project to help introduce novice users to visual anlysis. The goal of this project is to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed by complex datasets. The success of my work will be determined by its ability to enable these users to begin data exploration sooner and arrive at insights faster than is currently observed with this population.

Project Website:


RoboHeart was a phyisics puzzle game designed for the iPad during the 3rd Annual Global Game Jam! At the time my team was developing Tumbleweed Express, but we took a break to work on this project for a short time and released the completed version to the iStore. I was the project manager, lead programmer, and one of the designers on this sci-fi puzzle adventure; the project was developed in Unity3D!

Released for iPad: February 2012

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