The Description of RISC

The RISC stands for Reduced Introduction Set Computer. To simply put, RISC is a microprocessor which runs using a pipelining arcitechture to improve the performance of a processor. Generally speaking this means faster machine, mostly by improving MIPS (which stands for millions of instructions per sec, meaning higher MIPS are better). It is important to note that improvement of MIPS isn't always result in faster machine, as measurement of MIPS alone isn't good enough to measure the processor. Some well known microprocessors such as SUN Microsystems' SPARC microprocessor or DEC's Alpha microchips uses the RISC concept to develope their microprocessors.

Few more improvements by using RISC processors besides improving MIPS:

1) A new microprocessor can be developed and tested more quickly if one of its aims is to be less complicated.

2) Operating system and application programmers who use the microprocessor's instructions will find it easier to develop code with a smaller instruction set.

3) The simplicity of RISC allows more freedom to choose how to use the space on a microprocessor.

4) Higher-level language compilers produce more efficient code than formerly because they have always tended to use the smaller set of instructions to be found in a RISC computer.

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