ALENEX: Algorithm Engineering and Experiments

List of Accepted Papers

  1. An Improvement on Tree Selection Sort, Jingchao Chen.
  2. Evaluating the Local Ratio Algorithm for Dynamic Storage, Kirk Pruhs and Eric Wiewiora.
  3. Topological Sweep in Degenerate Cases, Eynat Rafalin, Diane Souvaine, and Ileana Streinu.
  4. Using Multi-Level Graphs for Timetable Information in Railway Systems, Frank Schulz, Dorothea Wagner, and Christos Zaroliagis.
  5. Acceleration of K-means and Related Clustering Algorithms, Steven Phillips.
  6. STAR-Tree: An Efficient Self-Adjusting Index for Moving Objects, Cecilia M. Procopiuc, Pankaj K. Agarwal and Sariel Har-Peled.
  7. On the Implementation of MST-based Heuristics for the Steiner Problem in Graphs, Marcus Poggi de Aragao and Renato F. Werneck.
  8. Experimental Evaluation of a New Shortest Path Algorithm, Seth Pettie, Vijaya Ramachandran, and Srinath Sridhar.
  9. The Treewidth of Java Programs, Jens Gustedt, Ole A Maehle, and Jan Arne Telle.
  10. A Time-Sensitive System for Black-Box Combinatorial Optimization, Vinhthuy Phan, Pavel Sumazin, and Steven Skiena.
  11. An Experimental Study of Prefetching and Caching Algorithms for the World Wide Web, Massimiliano Curcio, Stefano Leonardi, and Andrea Vitaletti.
  12. Getting More From Out-of-Core Columnsort, Geeta Chaudhry and Thomas H. Cormen.
  13. Maintaining Dynamic Minimum Spanning Trees: An Experimental Study, G. Cattaneo, P. Faruolo, U. Ferraro Petrillo, and G. F. Italiano.
  14. A Compressed Breadth-First Search for Satisfiability, DoRon B. Motter and Igor L. Markov.
  15. Partitioning Planar Graphs with Costs and Weights, Lyudmil Aleksandrov, Hristo Djidjev, Hua Guo and Anil Maheshwari.