In today's Web development, a good page design is essential. A bad design will lead to the loss of visitors and that can lead to a loss of business. In general, a good page layout has to satisfy the basic elements of a good page design. This includes color contrast, text organization, font selection, style of a page, page size, graphics used, and consistency. In order to create a well-designed page for a specific audience. The developer needs to organized and analyze the users' statistics and the background of the users. Although it can be hard to come up with a design that is well suited to all of the users, there will be a design that is appropriate for most of the audience. The better the page design, the more hits a page will get. That implies an increase in accessibility and a possible increase in business.



After analyzing all the researched information and feedback from different users, I would recommend that a general purposed Web site should use non-frame pages and graphics navigation bar with rollover effects. In addition to the graphic navigation bar with rollover effects, each page should also have a text-only navigation bar for easy control. The developer should also create a Cascading Style Sheet to control the font and font-size and use the style sheet throughout the site to obtain a consistent look and feel.