Roadmap-based methods for flocking motion with obstacles

By Tzu-hsiu Chiou

Supervised by Dr. David Mount

May 2004


 Following is a Java applet we developed to demonstrate the flocking behavior in an environment with obstacle.



    This applet allow users to observe the flocking behavior by interactively add and remove moving objects.  In additional, the user can experiment with how the density of the road map affects the path-finding behavior..


Add a new object:

    To put an object on the map, simply click on any free space in the map. You may change the color and size of the object you are adding by select color and size from the menu.  The object with same color will move according to flocking behavior.  The object with different color will repel each other.

Chasing Mouse:

    You can make the objects chasing or not chasing the mouse by check next to the "ChasingMouse" check box.  Notice how the objects will maneuver around the obstacles.

Showing Road map:

    By pressing "ShowRoadmap" button, the applet will display the road map that used to guide objects around.  To generate a different road map, enter a number next to "number of nodes for Roadmap" text field and press GenerateRoadMap button.  You can explore how the number of nodes in road map affect the path finding behavior of the object   


    Clear button will remove all the moving objects on the screen.

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