An API for Wireless Cards under Linux

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MAPI is a general API for interfacing with any device driver that supports the wireless extensions. It is based on the wireless extensions and Wireless Tools. The current version of the API can be used to get most of the information provided by the wireless tools (iwspy, iwconfig, iwpriv.) 

The API is designed to work under the Linux operating system. It acts as a layer between the wireless card device driver and the application program. For the API to work with a device driver, the device driver should support the wireless extensions correctly. The API has been tested with the wvlan_cs driver, Lucent wavelan2_cs driver, mwavelan_cs , and mwvlan_cs driver. All give different results depending on their level of support to the wireless extensions. For example, only the mwavelan_cs and mwvlan drivers supports the return of all the statistics about all access points in range. 

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Updated 9 November 2001