Setting a Page


As an UMD student you have a public location where you can host a website. The system hosting the pages is called For example, if your directory id is testudoNotReal, your web page will be Notice there is a tilde (~) before your directory id. The directory id is not your student id (e.g., 123456789).

How to Upload Files to Your Website

The files (e.g., html, css) that represent your website need to be uploaded to a folder named pub on the server (yes, it is NOT To transfer files, you need to log on to using an sftp server (e.g., WinSCP and MobaXterm) or use the scp command to transfer files.

After logging on to, you need to reach the pub folder. This folder is a sibling of the folder where you land once you log on to To reach pub, move to the parent folder of the current folder. Once you are in the parent folder, you will see a home folder (that is the directory you landed when you logged on) and pub. Change to the pub folder. It is in this location where you can place files that will be visible via your Keep in mind you can create folders in this pub location what will allow you to organize files easily. The following is an example where a folder named csterpconnect has been placed in pub for the user with directory id nelson: Notice that pub is not part of the URL.

For a Mac or Linux using the scp command is a straightforward approach to transfer files. For example, assuming your directory id is terpito, we can transfer the folder named sample_folder to the pub folder by executing the following command:

            scp -r sample_folder
Restrictions on Usage
Script to Verify Files Deployed

You can use the script Terpconnect Verification to verify whether you place your files/folders in the correct pub location.

Web Accessibility