Nelson's Coffee Break Hour

The goal of this coffee break hour is to provide an informal environment where students can meet with me to chat. You don't have to set an appointment; just show up!

For those of you that don't know me, my web site is We will try to pick different locations to meet. Notice that you don't have to be a student of mine or former student to stop by and chat; everyone is welcome.

Which topics can we talk about?

Keep in mind that although we can talk about courses, I cannot grant permissions (stamps). Also, I cannot provide assistance (i.e., debugging :)) with courses you are taking. If you are currently taking a class with me, see me during office hours four course assistance.

Meeting Times (Spring 2018)

Days, time, and location will be posted along the semester.

Date Location
Thu Feb 8, 4pm AVW 4116 (CS Lounge)
Thu Feb 15, 4pm AVW 4116 (CS Lounge)
Thu Feb 22, 4pm AVW 4116 (CS Lounge)
Additional Dates Will Be Posted Later On

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