The ADMS Project

The Adaptive Database Management System (ADMS) highlights the research contributions of the UMCP DB research group. Adaptive query optimization and buffer management, incremental access/update of materialized views (viewcache), and client-server results caching (ADMS +/-) are some of the unique features in this system.

The (ADMS +/-) Enhanced Client-Server Database architecture dynamically distributes data and processing to (possibly mobile) clients which can then be deployed at a remote site. ADMS+/- provides transparent access to multiple and heterogeneous database systems including Oracle, Ingres, and Sybase. The innovations of this architecture are (a) the utilization of mobile clients having full database management capability for downloading, caching and accessing database subsets whether connected to or disconnected from their heterogeneous servers, and (b) the use of incremental access methods for asynchronous refresh of downloaded data on the mobile clients.