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2009 Passive Aggressive Measurement with MGRP
Pavlos Papageorge, Justin McCann, Michael Hicks (2009)
In: SIGCOMM 2009
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2008 The Measurement Manager: Modular and Efficient End-to-End Measurement Services
Pavlos Papageorgiou (2008)
Ph.D. Thesis.
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2007 The Measurement Manager: Modular End-to-End Measurement Services
Pavlos Papageorgiou
Ph.D. Thesis Proposal, April 2007
Also available: Slides
2005 poster paper Merging Network Measurement with Data Transport
Pavlos Papageorgiou and Michael Hicks (2005)
In: Proceedings of Passive and Active Measurement Workshop PAM 2005
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2003 Literature Survey on Wireless Sensor Networks
Pavlos Papageorgiou (Unpublished manuscript 2003)
Also available: Slides
2001 A Comparison of H.323 vs SIP
Pavlos Papageorgiou (Unpublished manuscript 2001)
1997 Smart buffering technique for lossless hard handover in wireless ATM networks
Alexandros G. Kaloxylos, George Papageorgiou, Paul Papageorge* and Lazaros Merakos (1997)
In: Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Universal Personal Communications
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