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Tour de Europe

I've been dreaming this ever since I was a child. Now here it comes, bravo! I will arrive at Munich and then travel through Deutschland, Belgium, Netherland, Luxumbourg and France. It's a shame that I cannot cover some of the most exciting countries in the Mediterranean. However for a first time traveller, that seems to be good enough. If you have any suggestion for a two-week Europe itinerary, please leave it here.

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The final destination is Dublin, the capital of Ireland, where I am going to spend ten weeks with Irish Centre for High-End Computing for a summer project. The institute is located in Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus, which is NOT part of Trinity College, Dublin. My working place will be on the seventh floor of the white tower (the Design Tower) in the picture.

Graduation Dinner

I kind of have obtained my degress...cheers. It was a nice evening. Thank you, Shuoshuo, for your kindness in keeping me company.

Gothic Drama

We performed a drama on the Gothic Literature and Film class. Here are the slides we used.

Undergraduate Thesis Defense

I just finished my thesis defense. I should probably declare that I am semi-graduated. Check the details here. You can also check the poster here. Here are the slides I used in the thesis defense.

We are the Joseph Lau Scholars

The President Lounge was great, the food was good and the people were nice. Thank you everyone for a beautiful afternoon. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Tony Chan is interesting and I am proud to be the second Yang Yang he has met. Only He Xuan and I were from Beijing. Surprisingly, we were classmates in kindergarten.

Going to Googleplex

I am leaving for Mountain View to take Google's second round interview. It is a good oppurtunity to take a few days off and enjoy the sunshine in San Francisco Bay Area.

Sadly, the trip was cancelled due to visa application issues. I would like to thank Tony for his patience. Wish that I will be there several years later.

Heading for PhD

I will continue my graduate study at University of Maryland College Park from next semester.

My research concentration will be Computer Graphics and Parallel Computing with GPU.

The Rabbit Is Back

The rabbit has decided to make his out-of-date website a total upgrade.