Peihan Tu

I am a first-year PhD student in CS at UMD. My advisor is Professor Matthias Zwicker.

I'm interested in graphics, image processing and HCI. Currently, I am particularly interested in developling novel algorithms for content authoring in graphics.

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Recent Publications
Robust Joint Image Reconstruction from Color and Monochrome Cameras
Muxingzi Li* Peihan Tu*, Wolfgang Heidrich
BMVC, 2019 (*Joint first authors)
supplementary materials
Point Pattern Synthesis with Irregular Convolution
Peihan Tu, Dani Lischinski, Hui Huang
Computer Graphics Forum, 2019

Publications in Optical Metrology
Digital image correlation with self-adaptive scheme for interpolation bias reduction
Peihan Tu
Meas. Sci.& Tech., 2017
An Error Criterion in Digital Image Correlation for Unknown Deformation Fields and Its Application of Parameters Selection
Peihan Tu, X. Liu
Exper. Mech., 2017

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