Re: JavaMemoryModel: Idiom for safe, unsynchronized reads

From: Doug Lea (
Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 07:16:40 EDT

Some more minor amplifications:

* Again, the intent of Gosling et al was that immutable objects be
  threadsafe. (This intent is reflected and propagated in my CPJ
  book.) Everyone at Sun I've mentioned problems to over the past few
  years considers it a MISTAKE in chapter 17 that this is not
  guaranteed. Despite Raymie's valuable comments trying to make the
  case that this is a feature, not a bug, I think the consensus is
  still that this is a mistake that must be fixed to preserve the
  intended semantics of the language. The fact that fixing it would
  also preclude nasty problems with object headers etc is a happy
  convergence of Java programmers' and JVM developers' interests. On
  the other hand, the scope of any such fix should be limited to
  preserving intended semantics, and not opening things up to further
  unanticipated abuse.

* It comes as no surprise that compilers and runtimes for processors
  with extremely loose ordering and visibility guarantees require a
  lot more sophistication than those that don't. This is exactly the
  tradeoff (also known as the compiler-writer's full-time employment
  act :-) made by people who design these processors. It may be a
  while before a Merced can run Java as fast as a Pentium or Sparc.
  But it does seem possible: By default insert all potentially
  necessary barriers, and then optimize most of them away via
  points-to, escape, and related analyses. As has been recently
  demonstrated (by, among others, V.C. Sreedhar and IBM colleagues in
  their upcoming OOPSLA paper), many Java programs are mostly
  single-threaded, and contain a lot of code that can be statically
  determined as such. In a language where safety is a primary goal, it
  seems wiser all around for compilers to remove unnecessary
  synchronization and barriers than for programmers to do
  so. (Premature optimization being the root of all evil...)

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