Re: JavaMemoryModel: Java's insecure parallelism

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 10:03:29 EDT

At 6:58 AM -0400 6/30/99, V.C. Sreedhar wrote:
>Per Brinch Hansen in SIGPLAN Notice Vol 34, No. 4, April 1999
>has written an article on Java's insecure parallelism....
>I believe this article will be of interest to this forum

It isn't really that much of immediate interest. The article is more
of a complaint about the design of Java's language support for
parallelism. In Hansen's article, he argues (essentially) that all
methods should be synchronized and the all fields should be private.
This would eliminate unsynchronized access to shared variables
(although it could raise significant performance and deadlock

But at any rate, it isn't the issue of the moment. We are stuck with
the broad outlines of Java's thread and synchronization semantics.

I think a very interesting research question for future languages is
the design of threading and synchronization constructs. I expect our
experience over the coming years with millions of Java programmers
pulling their hair out over nondeterministic and surprising thread
behavior may provide some guidance.

        Bill Pugh

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