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From: David G. Wonnacott (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 11:18:03 EDT

Sorry to reply to my own message, but upon re-reading, I realize
there's one thing I may have failed to make clear when I wrote:

   The question is: are "creating an object" and "making an object
   ready for publication" two tasks or one?

Without further elaboration, it may seem that the obvious answer is
"One task -- this is all part of creating a complete, publishable
object". But note that this increases the number of things the class
author must anticipate about the class use. We accept that the class
author must anticipate all possible initializations, because this is
the only way to let the class author establish internally consistent
data (establishing a representation invariant, etc.). However, it is
not obvious to me that the class author should have to anticipate all
possible states in which an object might need to be publishable.

Dave W
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