JavaMemoryModel: Code in the JDK that fails under current memory model

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 14:40:54 EDT

Has anyone put together a list of places
in the JDK that assume initialization safety?

Here are some I've found:

There are synchronized setFoo and matching unsynchronized getFoo
methods, operating on references, in:

java/awt/CheckboxGroup.set/get Current
java/awt/Component.set/get Cursor
java/awt/Dialog.set/get Title
java/awt/FileDialog.set/get FilenameFilter
java/awt/FocusManager.set/get FocusOwner
java/awt/Frame.set/get Title
java/awt/Frame.set/get IconImage
java/awt/MenuItem.set/get Label
java/lang/System.set/get SecurityManager
java/security/SecureRandom.set/get Seed
java/sql/DriverManager.set/get LogWriter
java/sql/DriverManager.set/get LogStream
java/sql/SQLException.set/get NextException
java/util/Locale.set/get Default
java/util/Properties.set/get Property
sun/net/www/MimeEntry.set/get ImageFileName

The double check idiom is used in:


Using AssureJ, I found that the race for the set/get Cursor
in java.awt.Component does occur in practice.

        Bill Pugh
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