JavaMemoryModel: weak vs. strong class initialization safety

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Jul 15 1999 - 13:14:14 EDT

OK, stepping aside from the details of what the VM spec requires,
I'd like to suggest that we should provide either of two kinds
of class initialization safety:

 * Weak Class Initialization Safety

        - Before a thread T1 invokes a NEW, GETSTATIC, PUTSTATIC or
          INVOKESTATIC opcode on a class C, thread T1 must attempt
          to initialize C (defined below).

 * Strong Class Initialization Safety

        - In addition to the above, if T1 invokes a invokevirtual or
          invokespecial that resolves to a method defined in class C,
          thread T1 must attempt to initialize C.

How thread T1 attempts to initialize class C:

        - if thread T1 can guarantee that thread T1 has already attempted
          to initialize C, it may perform a no-op.

        - otherwise, it must perform the steps described in section
          2.17.5. These steps include getting a lock, which acts
          as a memory barrier. Therefore, if as a result of 2.17.5
          T1 believes C has been initialized by another thread, T1 will
          see all of the effects of that initialization.

Place where weak and strong class initialization differ:

  Assume that the class initializer for Bar changes Foo.x
  and that an instance method for Bar reads Foo.x. Then
  the instance method could see a stale value for Foo.x.

Implementation note: Under weak initialization, in instance
methods for a class C, you can't assume that C has been initialized.
on class C, you need to check to see if it is.

I believe the current spec boils down to requiring weak class initialization
safety, but that isn't a big issue.

        Bill Pugh
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