JavaMemoryModel: alpha version of JavaMemoryModel-digest now available

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 10:57:48 EDT

If you would prefer a digested version of the mailing list, we now
have a version set up an running. We are still working a few kinks
out of the system (majordomo doesn't seem to be automatically sending
out the digests, we have to manually prompt it). There may be a few
other problems.

If you are actively involved in the list, I would urge you not to
switch to the digested version, at least at this time (until we can
be confident that all of the messages are being sent out correctly
and reasonable promptly). But if you are just lurking, and
particularly if you don't have an emailer that automatically sorts
stuff into different folders, you might want to switch to the
digested version.

To switch, just send a message to

unsubscribe javaMemoryModel <your email>
subscribe javaMemoryModel-digest <your email>

making, of course, the correct substitution for <your email>.

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To send a request to the list, email and put
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