JavaMemoryModel: Memory model BOF at OOPSLA

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Wed Aug 18 1999 - 15:04:48 EDT

So far, the following people have said they would be interested:

Josh Bloch
Corky Cartwright
Tom Cargill
David Detlefs

Since Doug Lea and David Holmes will be giving a tutorial at OOPSLA,
I suspect that they will be interested in attending.

Also, there will be a number of people from IBM (such as Jong Choi)
who have a paper on eliminating useless synchronization in Java and
might be interested in attending.

So it looks like we have a group big enough for discussion.

Does anyone know if there is a way to organize an official BOF and
get a room to hold discussions in? Or should we just plan on dinner?
For dinner, I would suggest Wednesday night (from looking at the
schedule). Does anyone care to see the "Show Trial of the Gang of
Four" (6pm-7:30pm Wednesday night)?

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