JavaMemoryModel: BOF at OOPSLA

From: Bill Pugh (
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 19:02:49 EDT

 From the feedback I'm hearing, most everyone thinks it should be an
open BOF, although we should try to warn off people not familiar with
the topics so that we don't have a spend a large amount of time
bringing them up to speed.

It looks like there will be a large number of items that everyone
agrees should be in the new memory model; we'll discuss those, see if
any objections or issues arise, and if not, essentially wrap them up.

Then we discuss the difficult issues, like initialization safety. I
doubt we will make any decisions on that, but it will be useful to
get a broader feel for how people feel about this topic.

I'm not sure if we will get to the point of discussing a formal
specification; instead I think most of the focus will be on safety
guarantees and informal semantics.

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