Re: JavaMemoryModel: cost of initialization-safety on an Alpha SMP

Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 11:07:26 EDT

Doug Lea <> writes:
> These results are very helpful. But to me, the most helpful
> numbers would be those comparing specJVM runs in which
> All String constructors and accessors are synchronized
> vs
> All String constructors and accessors use barriers as needed to
> preserve initialization safety
> vs
> current version of String

These are good experiments, and I will try them, but note that
option 1 (making all String constructors and accessors synchronized)
is not trivial. In particular, there are binary operators
(compareTo, equals, etc.) for which both strings involved need to
be locked, which can easily lead to the possibility of deadlock.

(This actually makes me wonder about the collection classes.
They have a number of binary operators too, and some of
the implementations can be synchronized using wrappers without
that fact being made known to either the clients, or the


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