Re: JavaMemoryModel: Problem with Thread.sleep

From: Joseph Bowbeer (
Date: Sat Oct 23 1999 - 15:15:40 EDT


Concerning your memory model: I can understand it, which is definitely an

Though there's still this tremendous leap from an object-oriented viewpoint
in the first part of the spec to a variable-oriented viewpoint in chapter
17. We should make it clear (spell it out) that synchronization w.r.t. a
reference field is unrelated to synchronization w.r.t. the fields of the
referenced object.

> Another possibility is to use interrupts.
> Basically, we could say that whenever thread T1 interrupts T2, that it is
> treated as a release by T1 on the interrupt, when is acquired by T2 when
> detects the interrupt (e.g., by throwing an InterruptedException).

thread.interrupt() isn't synchronized. Is this a problem?

Joe Bowbeer

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